News | The exhibition “Zhang Yue: If I Could” was awarded “The Best Gallery Exhibition Award” at this year’s Gallery Weekend Beijing.


Gallery Yang is honored to announce that our exhibition “Zhang Yue: If I Could” was awarded “The Best Gallery Exhibition” in Gallery Weekend Beijing 2018. This show is curated by Cui Cancan. It will be on view till May 13, 2018.


Gallery Weekend Beijing Academic Committee consists of Hou Hanru (Director of MAXXI (National Museum for 21st Century Art and National Museum of Architecture), Rome, Italy), Lin Han and Wanwan Lei (Founders of M WOODS), Carol Yinghua Lu (Director of Beijing Inside-out Art Museum, Critic and Curator), Yung Ma (Curator of the Contemporary Art and Prospective Department at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, France), and Philip Tinari (Director of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA)).


"When visiting the participating galleries of this year's Gallery Weekend Beijing, the jury found that each of them was working extremely hard to present an excellent exhibition, and their receptionists, docents and other staff were all doing superbly professional work. While deeply excited and touched, we felt that it was a difficult job for us to settle on a winner. After a serious and in-depth debate, we decided to give the Award of Best Exhibition to Gallery Yang. For years Gallery Yang has been sparing no effort to support young artists and constantly proving its insights and courage in the development of the contemporary art. Zhang Yue, the artist of the exhibition, starting from his personal experiences, has been undertaking the enterprise of social investigation and reflection heart and soul. He often took risks and went to dangerous places to witness important, yet routinely overlooked events, and share with audience his energetic, critical expressions in the form of multimedia. The arrangement of the exhibition is also lively and unique, a unlikely style from the view of the orthodox of gallery show. It proves that the co-operation between the gallery, the artist, and the curator was close and creative, and it is clear that they have set an example in their success." Hou Hanru said.


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