Seminar | Artron Round Table/ Beijing Galleries: Integrations and changes of Beijing Galleries: Are You Ready For It?

Beijing Galleries: Integrations and Changes of Beijing Galleries: Are You Ready For It?
Yang Yang | The Founder of Gallery Yang
Wang Yanling | The Chairman of Beijing 798 Cultural and Creative Industry Investment Co.,Ltd,the Founder of 798 Art District
Wang Haitao| Collector
Pei Gang | Artron
Organizer Artron
Time  2018.03.30 15:00-17:00
Venue  Gallery Yang, Second Floor VIP room 


There is a number of quality gallery, artist and collector resources in Beijing. However, it becomes apparent in recent years that the city lacks a quality platform that can systematically integrate the various resources. At the time of the second Gallery Weekend Beijing in 2018, the 雅昌圆桌 (Artron Roundtable) invites professionals from participating institutions to discuss the conditions, problems, integrations and changes of the Beijing gallery ecology, and explore the possibilities and prospects of further, deepened integrations and changes.