The Hairdresser

Nov 9, 2016 - Dec 18, 2016 Solo Exhibitions

Opening: Nov 9, 2016 16:00 Wednesday
Artists: Guo Qiang

Gallery Yang

The owner of a hair salon has a Golden Lion haircut. One day, Ao Peng and I came across the hair salon and saw the owner's haircut. As I said to Ao Peng, this is fit for playing the role of a monster. The boss heard this, of course, and fierce lightning bolts immediately shot from her eyes. I guiltily ran inside and apologized to the owner. Ao Peng joined me and muttered that only a Golden Lion can be like an angry bird. This hair salon was nearest to the government's offices, where Ao Peng was a "number one" customer. After this, whenever I passed the hair salon, I bolted past it.
I only go to the “Ayi” hairdresser when I need to get a trim. Her hair salon doesn't appear to have a name, so it's fitting to call it the “Ayi” hairdresser. This is a hair salon only for old people and children—unhurried, like the time of the village.
—Guo Qiang 2016.09.22